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Welcome to Everlast Stainless Steel

With over 50 years of combined experience, Everlast has been delivering high quality customised steel products for projects of all sizes, across a wide range of industries. From commercial kitchens and bar fit-outs to architecturally-designed and bespoke art pieces for domestic clients, Everlast has the knowledge and expertise to develop a perfectly finished product to exceed your expectations.  Learn More


Everlast works closely together with skilled architects to help bring their unique visions to life. Tailor-made hand fabrication and laser cutting allows our steel to be shaped for personalised requests – there is rarely if ever a design we can’t create! Everlast continually evolves both its designs and applications, and we’re always pushing our cutting-edge ideas towards the future.


Commercial and medical grade stainless steel fabrication is one of Everlast’s main fields of expertise. We take the necessary amount of time required to ensure the end product exceeds all client expectations. We work with you together as a team from the initial stage of recommending materials to suit your specific requirements and budget, right through to the final unveiling of your masterpiece.


Our custom-made steel products cater to a variety of specialised requirements destined for the domestic marketplace. These items are professionally delivered and installed to suit your home as perfectly as the key that fits into its front door.


With a superior level of resistance to corrosion as well as numerous grades and finishes available, stainless steel is a first-rate metal to use for a broad range of projects from handrails, to bench tops, and even kitchen canopies.


As market trends have shifted to now include brass and copper, so to have our skills developed in the fabrication of these other metals and alloys. Please refer to our photo gallery showcasing our artisanal quality workmanship.